Custom Club Fitting

A golfers equipment is a vital part of their overall success as a player, and custom-fit golf clubs will make a huge difference in your game.  Poorly fit clubs can exacherage your swing faults and miss-hits, and make improving your swing harder to achieve.

MyGolfingGoals Academy offers comprehensive club fitting to cover all of your equipment needs.  Our fittings will provide an accurate appraisal of club length, lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex, shaft bend point, shaft weight, grip size, head type and club loft. We provide the complete line of PING Golf clubs, and all fittings are done using Trackman to measure detailed swing data.  Trackman is the most precise launch monitor in the world.

Fitting options include:

  • $95 Iron Fitting
  • $95 Wood / Driver Fitting
  • $95 Putter Fitting

* Note that if an order is placed then the price of the fitting will go towards the cost of the equipment.