Bob Toski

Bob Toski

Golf Hall of Famer & Legendary Golf Instructor

As a teacher, coach, and person Bill has exceeded to great heights in his profession!  His passion, desire, and determination have given him a great insight to what it takes to be a real success.

Brendon Todd

PGA Tour Player
2014 Byron Nelson Classic Champion

Bill McInerney is the most disciplined and hard-working golf coach I have ever seen!  Coach Bill teaches me how to Own My Game by instilling patience, designing drills and documenting every result.  With his help I have improved practice habits and a developed a stronger mind, which contributed greatly towards me capturing my first PGA Tour victory!

Matt Hutchins

Collegiate Golfer at Chico State

Bill is the hardest working person I have ever met. He is extremely devoted and dedicated to me and all of his students. He is an exceedingly humble coach and person. You will never see him without a smile on his face. He not only helps his students with golf but is a huge inspiration to many of his students and especially me. He has already achieved many great accomplishments that go unnoticed and will continue to by all the hard work he puts in every day.

Justin Peters

Web.com Tour Player
Winner of the Golf Channels Big Break
Winner of 50 Professional Golf Tournaments

Bill has become a great friend and mentor to me.  He has helped me in every aspect of the game from mental to physical.  He truly puts his heart into helping people.  That is why he is so successful with the people he works with.

Andy Morse

Andy Morse

Former Nationwide Tour Winner & Champions Tour Member

Since Bill and I have been working together, my mental approach to the game is better than ever.  Whatever your level of play is, Bill will definitely help you achieve your golfing goals!